Whilst CCTV is no new technology, it has recently been improving by leaps and bounds.

Whether it’s a small CCTV setup with a couple cameras recording to a server, or a large-scale coverage with live monitoring and alerts, CCTV is one of the most cost-effective ways of securing your business possessions and premises.

Does CCTV actually help?

There have been several case studies recently on the installation of CCTV in the UK. Whilst most of these installations are in public places, the results show that it works. The installation of CCTV not only acts as a deterrent, decreasing the number of recorded crimes in CCTV-controlled areas, but it also helps in identifying suspects that are known by the police and the community, making a massive impact on the amount of crime in the area.

For more information on the facts and figures, there is a good government case study you can read here.

Do I need an advanced CCTV system?

You don’t need an extremely advanced CCTV system to start having a positive impact. Simply having CCTV cameras in site can start deterring crimes from occurring on your premises. Of course, with more features and CCTV resources, your premises will become increasingly secure.

The solutions that Azera Technology offer are all scalable – you can start with a basic set up and then add additional cameras and features at any time you please.

How much will a new CCTV installation cost me?

With the rapid increase in quality of CCTV equipment, the price for a standard installation has been gradually declining over the years. At Azera, we offer a variety of installation options that allow for you to get just what you need for your budget.

The real question isn’t how much it would cost to install a CCTV system… but how much would it cost your business NOT to install one?

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