Thank you for choosing to host your website with Azera Technology! We have built a quick guide to help get you started with any small adjustments you may wish to make to your WordPress website in the future.

If there are any more complex features you wish to implement, or you require any additional support, please feel free to contact us on 01202 375343 or

Logging in to your website administration dashboard

Wordpress Login Screen

You can access your administration dashboard by visiting your website domain and adding “/wp-admin” suffix to the address, for example, This will take you to the log in screen for your dashboard.

Here, you can enter your username or linked email address and your password. If we built the website for you, we will usually have provided you with this information in a welcome email. If you are having trouble with your username/password, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Tip: When logging in, always ensure your connection is secure. We advise you do not log into your administration section on a shared computer, such as a public access computer in a library, as this risks people intercepting the log in credentials to your website.

Editing a page

To edit an existing page from the Dashboard, simply click on Pages > All Pages, to display a list of your existing web pages. From here, you can click the Edit button situated below the title of the page that you wish to make adjustments to, as shown below:

Click Edit when in the Pages view

From here, you can begin editing the page from the Edit Page screen, as shown below:

Editing a page with the Text Editor

Changing the text on your page

To change the text on the page, simply click your cursor in the box at the position you would like to insert/edit text, and type away! There are several options for changing the format of the text on the toolbar at the top of the text area:

The WordPress Text Editor Toolbar

You can change the text by using the dropdown box, which features different styles of text such as paragraph text and various sized headers. Headers and paragraphs can help split up long blocks of text into a neatly presented format. This is great not just for your users, but helps optimize your pages for Google Searches.

For more information on how we can optimize your web pages for better search rankings, you can visit , get in touch with us on 01202 375343, or email

There are also options similar to those you would see in Microsoft Word, such as Bold, Italics, Bullet Points and Text Alignment. Once you are done with editing your page, make sure to click Update on the right hand side!

Wordpress Update Button

Adding links to other pages

Adding hyperlinks to other pages on your WordPress website can help users navigate through the site more smoothly, as well as provide additional information by directing users to other external web pages. You can add a link in your text by highlighting the text that you’d like to be clickable, then clicking the chain link symbol on the Edit Page Toolbar:

Adding a Hyperlink to WordPress Page

From here, you can either search for one of your existing internal pages to link to, for example, searching “contact” brings up the Contact page:

Hyperlink to another WordPress Page

You can also paste a hyperlink into this box, for example if you were linking to the BBC News page, you could paste into the box

Including useful external links on your website is a great tool to make your site appear to the big search engines, as a more valuable source of information, so be sure to use them where you feel appropriate.

For more information on how we can optimize your web pages for better search rankings, you can visit , get in touch with us on 01202 375343, or email

Adding a post

Adding a new page to your blog is simple; click Posts from the Dashboard, then click Add New:

Add New button to add a page

From here, you can begin writing your new blog post. The screen is similar to the Edit Page screen, in that there is a text editor with the usual functions and features on it. The top bar above the text editor is for the title of your post. We recommend keeping this short and simple, but descriptive enough to let the readers know what the post is about.

Below this, you can also edit the permalink for the website. This is the URL that people can navigate to directly to reach the page. Once you have decided on a permalink URL, it is strongly recommended that you do not change this; people who have the old link saved, will not be able to navigate to the page anymore if you change it!

Setting a permalink

Additional post options

Once you are done editing your post, there are several features that can help make your post look more professional. The features will usually be displayed on the right hand side of your screen, depending on the layout of your dashboard that is configured.

You can select the pre-defined categories that your post will be featured in; simply check the boxes of the categories in which you would like the post to be displayed. This is great for when you have many posts of different types and people would like to browse a single category of post:

Selecting Blog Post Category

Tip: You can also add new categories from this box, but the main categories management page is reached by clicking Posts > Categories.

Adding Tags to a post helps search engines find your posts from the keywords that you input here. These are also used if there is a Search feature on your page, to display posts that have tags that are contained in the search terms:

Blog Post Tags

Tip: Try including keywords that you think people would be searching for to find a post like the one you have created. Make sure you do not put too many tags or they will be less useful. 3 or 4 accurate tags are better than 10 general ones!

Adding a featured image can help give users an idea of what your post is about. This featured image is displayed in places such as the listings page for all of your posts, as seen below:

Wordpress Blog Post Featured Image

Publishing a post

It is easy to publish a post or page – simply click the Publish button on the right hand side of the screen. If you are hoping to publish your post at a specific time, such as when a special offer is starting, or a message to send outside of working hours, you can schedule the post. Where the widget says Publish immediately you can click edit, to set the date and time that this post will start showing up on your website. It will then automatically publish at this specified time.

Publish WordPress Post

Adding images to a post or page

A picture is worth a thousand words. Featuring some images on your site can help get the message across about your company, whilst also helping to brighten up dull walls of text. You can add an image to a post or page by clicking the Add Media button within the text editor toolbar:

Wordpress Image Alignment alt=”Adding images to WordPress” width=”532″ height=”162″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-401″ />

From the Add Media page, simply select the image from your Media Library that you’d like to insert into the post or page, then click Insert into page.

If the image you’d like to insert is not yet in your Media Library, click the Upload Files tab at the top of the screen and upload the files from here.

Editing an Image to Add on WordPress

Changing the size and alignment of images

You can adjust the sizes of your images prior to uploading, on the Add Media screen:

Changing the size of an image

Tip: Larger images will cause a web page to load slower than if you use slightly smaller sized images. Bare this in mind for usability for your web page visitors.

You can align your images when they are on the page, by clicking on them in the text editor and then selecting the alignment you wish. From here, you can also resize the image by clicking and dragging from one of the four corners:

Wordpress Image Alignment

Optimizing your images for search engines

Optimizing your images cannot only help them to appear higher up in image searches, such as on Google Images, but they can help increase your page’s search rankings and thus help increase your customers.

Optimizing image alt text

The Alt Text is the text that is displayed by hovering over the image. Along with the description, these can help visually impaired people see what the image is about. Making your website accessible lets search engines know your site is functional and increases the likelihood that your pages are placed higher in the search results.

For more information on how we can optimize your web pages for better search rankings, you can visit , get in touch with us on 01202 375343, or email

Adding additional features to your WordPress Website

There are hundreds of additional features we can add to your site to optimize your business. For more information on how we can improve your site with these features, you can visit , get in touch with us on 01202 375343, or email

Booking system

A booking system can help to automate the running of your business, saving money on having someone available to take calls all day. Another benefit of an online booking system is that it is available to users 24/7, helping make it easier for your customers to book your services outside of office hours.

Booking Systems for Websites


Adding your presence to Google maps can help customers see where your business is based and other vital contact information. This can also be embedded into a page on your website for your web visitors to easily see.

Adding a map feature

E-commerce / Online store

An online store is an extremely useful tool for making online sales. Whether you want to sell a digital copy of a book for use on a kindle or if you want a full ordering system for physical goods, we can help you:

E-Commerce Website Services

Search Engine Optimization

If you use your website to drive customers to your business, it is essential that you are listed as high as possible in the search engine rankings.

There are many things that can be done to optimize your website for this. We pride ourselves on our Search Engine Optimization knowledge and offer a variety of services to help increase your page ranking.

For more information on how we can improve your site with these features, you can visit , get in touch with us on 01202 375343, or email

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