Close to a year after the 400 million user social networking site LinkedIn was bought by Microsoft for $26 billion in cash, the companies have not shown much in terms of association with each other until now. This week, LinkedIn and Microsoft announced Resume Assistant – the new plugin for Microsoft Word that assists you in the art of perfecting your CV.

The majority of employees who are drafting a CV to send to potential employers do this in the world’s most popular word processing tool, Microsoft Word; it seems only logical that such a program has the functionality to improve your chances of being hired without even leaving the page you are writing on. Resume Assistant helps you choose which skills are the right ones to showcase by analysing the skills of other top users in your industry featured on their LinkedIn profiles.

What does it do?

Provide inspiration from other users in your industry
The plugin will pull in information from other users in your industry, giving diverse examples of how other individuals portray what they do.

Help you to show off the right skills
When you’re looking for a new job, it is often difficult to decide which of your skills are the best to display on your resume, or what employers may care about the most. This tool helps you pick the most suitable ones skills to show off.

Find available jobs
Directly from Microsoft Word, after you have entered your industry and job position details, the plugin will fetch available job opportunities straight from LinkedIn. You can then visit the pages to apply for these jobs at the click of a button.

Take a look at what the companies themselves have to say about the Resume Assistant:

How do I get the feature?

The feature is not yet available to the general public – it is expected to be rolled out internally to insiders in the coming weeks. The general public will receive this feature with an update to their Office suite within the next few months. This feature seems to be available only to Office 365 users.

Overall, this feature comes as a long overdue fruit of the deal between LinkedIn and Microsoft and we expect many more similar features to come in the future.

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