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Today, the 5th of December, is International Volunteer Day for Social and Economical Development. We are pleased to announce today our partnership with Canford Heath Library in Poole. Every Tuesday from 2pm-4pm and every Thursday from 10am-12pm, you can find us in the library volunteering as Computer Buddies.

We will be available to help you with all of your IT related questions and give support on anything you may have questions on. Whether you need to create your first email account to order products on Amazon, or if you want advice on getting your home wireless to work properly, we will be there to help.

We also offer a minimum of 20% off all list-price work for registered UK charities as an additional way of giving back to people who are in need.

For more information on how you can help out on International Volunteer day, or for any information on Giving/Helping, you can visit the United Nations website.

For more information on how we can help improve your business with our IT Support, or any other services that we can offer you, please feel free to call us on 01202 375343, or send an email to

Azera Technology Volunteering Hands

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