With the boom in the Information Technology industry came the boom of IT Support companies. Whilst it is great that our lives are being so enhanced by high-tech goods, it is essential that we maintain equipment to ensure businesses run smoothly and a high level of security is maintained. The huge increase in demand for IT Support has invited companies to provide this service when they may not be qualified or experienced enough to do so. For this reason, we have made an article of aspects that we feel are important in running a good IT Support company.

Putting your business interests first

If you are looking to invest in new IT equipment to enhance your business functionality, you may not necessarily need the biggest, shiniest server that costs the most money on the list. We carefully design our solutions with cost-efficient functionality in mind.

Dedication to solving a problem

If something is worth fixing, we will fix it! Some problems just take a little extra effort to resolve. Some IT companies quickly jump to the conclusion that you need to replace your hardware at a cost, but we love to stick at the tough queries and see them through to a resolution!

Availability and Flexibility

If your IT systems are compromised, you need immediate action to be taken. Azera Technology are always there to take your call, whatever the time.

Keeping things personal

Working in a small business means you can be busy for days on end, leaving little time to go through heaps of questions and checks every time you pick up the phone to your IT support company. We keep things personal at Azera Technology – you will speak with a familiar person for all of your projects and consultations. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and approachable team that you can come to with any queries you may have.

For more information on how we can help improve your business with our IT Support, or any other services that we can offer you, please feel free to call us on 01202 375343, or send an email to hello@azeratech.co.uk.

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