Responsive design is no new technology, but it is still often overlooked. We go through the ins and outs of responsive design and why you need to need to incorporate it into your website.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design, in short, is the practice of ensuring your website fits to any media screen size. As stated by, responsive web design uses only HTML and CSS. It’s important to note, no additional software is used to change the layout as this would increase load times. HTML classes and style sheets are used to control the layout and sizing.

As shown in the image below, our website fits all screen sizes including mobile. The writing does not cut off the edge of the screen, and the buttons are still spread out reasonably.

Fully responsive Azera website design

How do I see if my website is responsive?

You can see if your own website is responsive easily. If you are on a desktop device like a PC, try resizing the browser window to a smaller size. If the site is responsive, you’ll notice the contents adjust itself to fit. You can try opening the site on a mobile device. If the web page goes off the edge of your screen, it is likely the site isn’t responsive. If you have to zoom out to make the page fit the screen, this isn’t responsive.

Key features of responsive design


A responsive website will always fit the screen 100% (or slightly less) horizontally because scrolling sideways is impractical to users.

Text size

When scaling a website to fit a mobile screen, the text must still be readable. Due to a smaller screen size, less text is normally displayed on a mobile screen at a time.

Menu formats

There are two main types of menu format for responsive websites; the hamburger menu and the side panel menu. Each menu has benefits but as a rule of thumb, the hamurger menu is used more often because of the familiar functionality.

Why is responsive design important to my business?

Responsive design has become an essential part of any businesses website. According to a recent Hitwise mobile search report, over 50% of Google searches are now made on mobile devices. A website that half of users cannot comfortably access would result in a great proportion of lost customers.

What if my website isn’t responsive?

If your website is outdated and non-responsive, Azera can help you! We can implement pre-designed themes, adjust your current site, or make a completely new one for you. For more information on our web design service, click here.

How else can I improve my website?

When you are happy with your website’s responsive design, there are many other things to consider. You could add a booking system to help save you time, move your website to our fast hosting service, or get help with any of your other IT issues.

Whatever your IT and website needs are, Azera Technology can help you. To find out about any of the services that we can offer you, please feel free to call us on 01202 375343, or send an email to


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