By default Office 365 contains a range of includes a range of Social and Newsfeed features. For many organisations (including Schools) these features are more than likely unwanted. One of these is the ‘Let’s get social’ prompt when a user first generates their Sharepoint Mysite and One Drive. To hide this site requires a small tweak using Sharepoint Designer.
  • First download and install Sharepoint Designer from the following link:
  • Once Sharepoint Designer is installed connect to your organisation’s Office 365 Mysite using an administrator login. Go to Sites > Open Site and enter your organisation’s Mysite address (normally
  • In Site Options, add a new parameter with the following values: Name: urn:schemas-microsoft-com:sharepoint:portal:profile:SPS-O15FirstRunExperience Value: OFF
  • Once complete any new user who creates their own Mysite/Onedrive should no longer get the “Let’s get social” prompt.
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