Manage your business calls from anywhere whilst maintaining a professional presence. Azera Technology’s phone solution provides the following benefits:
  • Have any number of phones (extensions), in any location, ring concurrently when your business number is called
  • Handle multiple incoming and outgoing calls, all from the same number
  • Take inbound and make outbound calls from your mobile phone, with the caller ID staying as your main business number (not mobile number)
  • Transfer calls between extensions or mobile phones
Upgrading from using a mobile phone to operate is a stepping stone for any small business or sole trader, but it doesn’t need to be a difficult leap to make. Our third party software allows users to take business calls exactly how they would have before – using a mobile phone. Using our supplied mobile app, it’s possible to use a mobile phone to receive calls to your landline business number, and dial out to your customers whilst displaying your business phone number. The jump in professionalism to a business number can help take any business to the next level, with a far more corporate feel than displaying a mobile number on a company website! With 1 user solutions from just £12.00 per month and multi-user solutions from £17.00 per month, it’s an extremely cost-effective move for any business.

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